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Lost at the Big Y, STUCK at Walmart. A rather long rant.

When my son Jack was around age 3-4, he was a bolter. I mean a runner.  A dasher.  As in Dash from The Incredibles, dasher.  And fast!  The kid would just flat out beat a trail away from me at … Continue reading

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My son Jack was concerned recently that he had acquired Tetanus. Lockjaw.  He locked down on this notion and obsessed about it to the point of not being able to eat or sleep, was having trouble functioning at school and … Continue reading

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The Path…infused with Artisanal by Dad

My father died of fronto-temporal dementia in September of 2004.  He was an exceptional human being in the way we all are exceptional human beings, however, he knew it.  He was a paratrooper in his early twenties and jumped out … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day, a bit early for once.

Dear Mom, I love you.  I feel a deep wave of love come over me when I say that and it brings tears to my eyes.  I love you with every single cell of my body, mind and spirit. Even … Continue reading

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Marathon Aftermath

It’s been almost a week since I crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon and besides suffering a bit from muscle soreness and pmld syndrome (post marathon let down), I’m doing well.  I received more praise than necessary and … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound via the Boston Marathon

I had to think outside the box to connect the dots but holy mackerel, it took a fellow game player, with a bat, to show me how to hit it out of the park and help me see the metaphor, … Continue reading

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Booze at the Big Y

So I walked into my local Big Y grocery store, recently and was confronted with the new addition of alcohol to the store.  Much to my chagrin, the alcohol was not just in one place, but was literally scattered, in … Continue reading

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Scattered Roots and Holiday Musings

Prompted by an old college friend’s blog on coming back to her southern roots after many years of struggling with the contradiction of southern gentility and charm, in her mostly northern, well educated, intellectual and successful life, I started reflecting … Continue reading

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My Friend Paul

So I wanna talk about this guy I know. I met him a few years ago at a meeting. Now I’m not going to say what kind of meeting, but all two of you who follow my blog and/or read … Continue reading

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Love wins.

  It’s been a summer of love and loss.  As I brace  myself for the final week before school starts, I cannot help but reflect.  Last Sunday, my beloved boyfriend left to live in VT for a new job.  One of … Continue reading

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