Me. Now.


Central Mass Rail Trail Charnock Cut

Jill M. Woodworth, from Rutland, MA..

Me. Jill. I am TSC but now I need a paying gig as well.

My oldest daughter just moved out into a shared living situation which you can read about in my podcast:

My podcast is a reprisal of an idea I had and started a few years ago before circumstance swept me away.  Inspired by Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan, among others and the idea of having conversations, interviews, discussion with local and worldwide people of interest.  Discussing relevant TSC topics.  Additionally, a more local, non-TSC related podcast featuring Humans.  Humans. Talk.

I am throwing ideas at the wall right now and trying to make something stick as I prep my resumé, write provocative blogs like my latest:  Dear Wheaton College, and try to help my kids move along on their paths to increasing measures of independence.

Just a side note of self promotion….I’m working with the TS Alliance to fill many (as I write…) charity spots for the Marine Corp Marathon 2018.   So if you’re interested, follow this link and be a part of a phenomenal fundraiser and sign up for the party of the year to be  held on Sunday, October 28, 2018 in DC.

Enjoy the sun today, August 2018



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