Me. Now.


Jill M. Woodworth, from Rutland, MA….Today I’m sitting here with my 11 year old daughter who is home sick from school.  She’s currently eating an egg roll and watching Christmas with the Kranks, so I’m thinking, she’ll pull thru.  My oldest daughter just had her twice weekly therapy session and it was grueling, so she’s recovering with some Chinese food as well.  It’s cheaper to get the lunch platter during the day….so….

My 17 year old daughter is at high school enjoying another day of her junior year.  She told me yesterday she is going to have one of her pictures in an art show.  No specifics yet.  Her 14 year old brother is also at high school, working hard at 9th grade, in a really awesome life skills program.

The son from my first marriage is now 24, married, in graduate school to become a school psychologist and working for a professor.  He lives with his wife, who is in a doctoral program to become an occupational therapist.  They live in Tennessee.

Me. Jill. I have the honor of being able to take care of these kids, get them to their numerous appointments, therapy sessions, after school activities, and sit with them during the highs and lows of growing up today.  I write , blog,  intend to write a book and do a lot of running. Just a side note of self promotion….I’ll be running the Boston Marathon in April, to raise money for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex research.  I also am going back to school to become an addiction counselor.  Right up my alley.

The job of my life is understanding how my past decisions and experiences can be channeled into continuing to grow and decide and experience, or something intelligent like that.  You can spin it.  #IAMTSC

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