Special Needs, Disabilities and the New World Order

In the brave new world into which it appears that we are headed and the increased attention to rigid controlled and mandated “health” measures, escalating global surveillance, pressure to either join the party or be left behind, we are often led to believe there is only one way out of this madness. And that is continuing to comply with the government and systems of care or well, er die, aka exist on your own outside the system. This may or may not be true. I would like to believe we can still shift the trajectory if we refuse to consent AND find a way to rebuild these systems of care. I wrote the following after strongly aligning myself with the health freedom movement but then realizing that I’d be leaving family members who have various levels of special needs, behind. So I wrote this piece as an outreach to share what I feel is a primal cry, (maybe just my primal cry) of, we are worthy. Worthy of these health freedoms, of freedom in general. We too cannot be left behind. So at the risk of alienating those who aren’t in this thought stream yet, I’m going out on a limb and sharing this narrative.

Special needs kids and often their entire families are already blockchained. Surveilled. Tracked. On the grid. In the matrix. However you want to word it. Their data, our data, is being uploaded daily. It has been for years and years. From your first IEP meeting until you die or exit the system. It’s pretty much a requirement if you want to participate in the systems of care that are available for those in this country with a disability to the level that the family resources and alternative support systems cannot make a more functional contribution to your child’s or your “well being” than, well…..er….the government and public educations system and other systems of care. And for so many it IS better, provides some level of solid ground under what can be utter chaos when you need help and/or cannot help your kid learn or behave. That’s all well and good but it becomes apparent that more is needed very quickly. More activities, more social networks, more quality of life and soul enriching options, even though we’re already chasing a million different siloed service providers. Supplementing systemic offerings is beyond the finances and/or the capacity of a majority of families. So we deal, we do what we can on the side, we self hack and DIY as much as possible and we watch as we fall deeper and deeper into what is truly medical apartheid and we don’t even know it.

Over time, most OG caregivers, those affected, many within this whole sector of society starts to realize they are caught in somewhat of a trap. But, it’s often “too late” to exit. We deal. We live low on the food chain. We keep our mouths shut and we live by as many of the rules we can follow. We own few possessions, no visions of moving up the socioeconomic ladder, no time to meet all of all of our needs, put on medication after medication, test bunnies for the medical system, mired in mental health issues which ultimately can lead to just circling the drain of despair on a daily basis. But don’t think for a minute many of us don’t know we’ve bought in and let the tears run down our face as we turn back into our precious lives and make the best of it. I am GD grateful for this path b/c I would not be here now to share these truths from my heart and soul and get a convo going on this…

Since covid, there’s been so much more awareness of the fact that even within these grim circumstances we can all take steps to help ourselves. We can learn to live with less and define what we really need in life. And thank God for that. In many communities, there is so much info being shared, ways to creatively and frugally supplement what we already are doing without dying on the street trying to manage it all. It’s been a phenomenal silver lining. There is also this thing called the health freedom movement. I was not aware of the health freedom movement until covid started and am so freaking glad I found these groups of people. While I take what resonates and leave the rest, overall they are putting incredibly helpful, deep and soul expanding info and content all the time, if you know where to look. Less so since censorship has ramped up.

Anyway, I have followed many of these groups and individuals who come from as wide a range of careers and lived experiences as you can imagine. Often they’ve had their own wake up call related to broken systems of care and systemic dependence and have jumped ship, taken responsibility for their own health and well being and are teaching others to do the same. But, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not all that easy to move to an off the grid, take care of ourselves mindset when you’ve got complicated issues for which you trusted we had a government and systems that actually wanted to see you improve your quality of life.

The health freedom and overall freedom movements have gained momentum, and provided new awareness and insight related to the dangers of well, everything related to our systems of care, food system, medical system, legal system, social services, etc and how it all feeds the blockchain records. They also educate on the dystopian New World Order and the nefarious players behind much of the use of the pandemic to usher in what is being sold as the only way for humanity to move forward. The natural life/health freedom/freedom people have clarified the dangers of a future where data and AI usurp us and we are merely cogs in some abstract wheel we’ve been biologically invaded to believe is helping and serving us. Slowly we will be taken over by nanotech, biosensors and IoBNT (internet of bio nano things), until we are not ourselves in any divine and natural way.  

So as I contemplate this brave new dystopian world from the perspective of it being a war on our consciousness, I keep asking how exactly can we exit these broken and crumbling systems of care as humans, a parents, caregivers of those who are now somewhat or massively dependent on for their survival? Their physical survival anyway. We’ve got diagnoses across the board and there’s a multitude of ways to become and be dependent of some aspect of the systems. We have  been lured in by horrific experiences like witnessing 3 hour seizures and the like and been told that the only way out is through the hallowed gates of government support and increasing dependence on these creaking and cracked systems. So are we…. The whole sector of society that IS dependent in whatever way, effed?. Does that mean the health freedom movement writes us all off b/c we cannot exit the system fast enough?

We cannot give up dependence in some all or nothing swoop. It is a process. An awakening and awareness for most that is complicated by our own battle scars which we keep close as remembrances.  I pray we have the ability to continue the process of exiting the systems of care b/c the all or nothing jump it seems so many are suggesting is the best course of action, out of systems and dependence, would cost lives and exponentially increase suffering. I understand that we are far far more than this one lifetime and that we are all multidimensional beings who chose this path and this incarnation, but shit. Have you seen a 3 hour seizure? I’m not saying there is not a way out but help me please here.  We cannot face that much loss and grief in one lifetime and I don’t think you can understand this until you’ve walked a mile in our shoes and then lived embedded in our lives for at least some amount of time, how the fears of the shoe dropping are an ever present, very real thought and circumstance.

Special needs individuals, families, those with disabilities get on blockchain and are dependent on systems b/c in the moment it’s less suffering and for many, we cannot see any other way to survive in this time/space continuum into which we incarnated. We sign sign sign and bow bow bow our rights away. We are made to feel as if there is no choice. I probably need to write another blog to describe how that even happens. We let ourselves be uploaded, poked, prodded, tested, analyzed and made a data point. However, we the people of the special needs, disabled, dependent and their families/caregivers want health freedom too in whatever measure we can integrate it. Well, maybe not all of us but many. We often are not as bought and sold by the system as external perception might lead one to believe. We are juggling a lot of balls within the tower of babel and can often barely lift our heads for a moment and look away from the massive hole we’ve been digging collectively. The one that we now are keen to, that we know will bury us if we can’t also find a way out that allows for some contingencies.  

Love is the answer. I know that profoundly. We will not consent at a soul level to this new world order where we are asked to sacrifice our soul’s path for a world disconnected and departed from what it means to be a natural human, a visible reflection of the invisible God and either host to or teachers here to show the world in the deepest way what it means to find abundance and joy, while also circling the drain of despair. Hear us now and let’s find a way up and out that works across a spectrum of monumental societal dependence. My thought is bit by bit. We do what we can where we are. We work to stay connected with each other despite our personal limitations and we listen to each other’s lived experience and we find a way to tell the tales to the rest of the world. ❤ Stay tuned.

About Jill Woodworth

Mother of 5. Reigning in the chaos of life with my self expressive blogs. Passionate about a new awareness every day, tapping the divine within and without. Embracing life on a day-to-day basis and raising my children, 3 with TSC. I am an avid runner and use running, writing, dancing and meditation daily to cope with life. Right now, I am revitalizing my other website, writing a ton, witnessing the evolution of consciousness. Go Team Humanity! https://linktr.ee/jillwoodworth
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