trumpedI glimpsed her red trump hat as I turned the corner to go out onto the main road.  She was dressed in shades and patterns of red, swinging her arms and walking in rhythm to her music, a constant companion.  The landlord’s dog Harry, a sinewy standard poodle, curly haired ball of energetic love, was walking peacefully beside her.  I called her name but of course she couldn’t hear me as she listens to her music at what could be called deafening sound levels.  In my guess, an effort to tune out the world and set a boundary for her own safe place within.

Harry, said dog, turned at my voice and then she did as well.  I caught her eye mid wave, a pure place, I hesitated for a brief second, as did she, before we both went our own separate ways,within our own separate worlds….two souls on a journey.  In the act of loving her and all that is involved in her life situation, from my place deep in my own life situation, I sensed the wisdom of the ages.  The mother daughter push and pull into the void that I was in the middle of navigating with my own mother. Lord let me not lose myself applying this label and that label and remember who we both are in this precious lifetime. .

My daughter, is a trump loving republican and loves all things his campaign represents.  She’s gone through many obsessions over the years as her incarnation has had it’s challenges and with some setbacks from the get go,so  she’s had her work cut out for her.  There’s been many autism spectrum typical narrow focused interests over the years, but this one has seemed to be the most extreme and fly in as direct opposition to my own interests and beliefs as well as what I had hoped I might be teaching her.

Go figure.  It has been tough not to recoil in horror as she espouses the complete trump party line, has tuned in to certain conservative radio talk shows and has educated herself on the ins and outs of the campaign and politics in general.  We have a moratorium on discussion of politics within the house and there is more than one time where she has schooled me on the rules when I want to take on these beliefs.

It’s humorous.  I know.  Here I am with this liberal, Ram Dass listening, free spirited, old hippie-ish kinda mojo and she comes along raising her red rebel donald trump flag, right in my face. But it’s so funny because it’s not who she is.  Anyone who knows my daughter, knows this.  She’s an unselfish, caring and intensely strong person who just is defining her boundaries through the guise of a political ideology.

There is such a life force within her that despite her beliefs being aligned with what I see through my own matrix, as ghastly and terrifying, she sees freedom. “ People gonna judge”, no matter what and I like it that she’s taught us all a bit of a lesson about playing the game of life.  If there’s moves in this game of life, who knows, she may be one move ahead, lapping us without even knowing it.  Mark my words though, there’s no keeping this young lady down and while she may need some assistance with logistics, she’s going to fly and for that, I can thank the trump campaign for the transformational backdrop for some serious life lessons.

Maybe we all are a bit trumped by this whole political machine in motion this election and this whole thing is a big wake up call for every one of us in this country, asking us to define what really matters to us as a country, what in the heck we are doing caught in this paradigm, and how could things ever get to this point?  I’d like to think so, and I’m listening. Once again, thanks Mary Ellen!

About Jill Woodworth

Mother of 5. Reigning in the chaos of life with my self expressive blogs. Passionate about a new idea every day. Trying find an adequate platform. Embracing life on a day to day basis and raising my children, 3 with TSC. I am an avid runner, and use running and meditation daily to cope with life. Right now, I am helping recruit Marine Corp Marathon runners for Team TSC. Go Team! Find a cure!
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1 Response to Trumped!!

  1. Mom, this “Trumped!!!” artilcle was beautiful and so well written! I love you and am so proud of you, your beautiful writing, and everything you’ve overcome in life, Mom!! Or can I say Maaam?


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